15 Reader's Choice Award2015 was an even more successful year for the Panhandle Ag e-News electronic newsletter project.  There were a total of 258 articles contributed by 37 County Agents and State Specialist authors in 2015.  This year the website registered over 108,044 total web page views as compared to 68,571 in 2014 (56% increase). Word is spreading and more and more farmers and ranchers are taking advantage of this service.

There were some really interesting articles added to the collection this year.  Since the Panhandle Ag e-news project began in 2013, a total of 915 articles have been published that are searchable by category, keyword, or author. The following were the Top 50 most read articles written in 2015 by UF/IFAS State Specialists and County Agents.

Top 50 Most Popular Articles published in 2015

1st Place

Doveweed: a Growing Problem in Warm-season Turfgrasses

The 2015 Reader’s Choice Award goes to an article written by Ramon Leon, WFREC Weed Specialist.  His article on doveweed control in turfgrasses was read  3,203 times in 2015.

2nd Place

What are the Long-Term Impacts of Estrus Synchronization and Artificial Insemination?

The runner up this year was an article about the impact of estrus synchronization and artificial insemination on a cattle herd, written by Cliff lamb, NFREC Beef Reproduction Specialist that was read 1,466 times.

3rd Place

Pasture Soil Fertility Essential to Prevent Broomsedge Infestations

The third most read article was an article on broomsedge prevention in pastures, written by Mark Mauldin, Washington County Extension, that had 1,344 page views.

Honorable Mention

The “Bud Box” and Double Alley Design for Cattle Pens

The 4th most popular article describes a cattle handling pen design that has become very popular around the country,  was written by Doug Mayo, Jackson County Extension and had 1,143 page views.

The other most read articles, listed in order of popularity are:

5 – Bee Pastures Supplement Hive Nutrition and Enhance Honey Production

6 – Increasing Income from Calves Sold at your Local Livestock Market

7 – 2015 Cool-Season Forage Variety Recommendations for Florida

8- Toxic Indigo Creeping Into the Panhandle

9 – Pest Alert: Boxwood Blight

10 – Steve & Seth Basford Honored as Jackson County Agricultural Innovators

11 – Tomato Variety Selection for the Florida Panhandle

12 – Converting Planted Pine to Silvopasture Benefits Cattle & Timber

13 – “Super” El Niño Poised to Disrupt Weather Patterns

14 – Fireweed: a Pasture Weed that will Light You Up!

15 – 2014 NASS Farm Land Rent & Labor Survey Summary

16 – Grazing Management is Key for Profitable Livestock Production

17 – Small Farm Blueberry Production for the Panhandle

18 – Crop Rotation May Determine the Profitability of Peanuts in 2015

19 – Choosing the Correct Liming Material

20 – Factors that Affect Egg Production in Chickens

21 – Monensin Toxicity in Horses: What to Look For

22 – New Thrips-Transmitted Plant Viruses in Florida Crops

23 – Fireweed: A Burning Problem for Farmers

24 – Integrating Perennial Peanut into Grass Pastures

25 – Update on 2014 peanut leaf spot fungicide trials in Citra, FL.

26 – Debunking GMO Myths

27 – Low Tunnels Provide Year-Round Gardening Versatility

28 – Spiderwort Spreading and Could Become a Hay Field Pest

29 – Tung Trees – Historic Crop; Toxic Legacy

30 – 15th Annual Florida Bull Test Summary and Sale Information

31 – New Peach Cultivar Trial at the North Florida Research and Education Center

32 – Robert Jackson Honored as Gadsden County Agricultural Innovator

33 – Jerry Davis honored as the 2015 Northwest Florida Agricultural Innovator of the Year

34 – Dogfennel: Ugly Pasture Weeds that Reduce Bahia Production

35 – When is Hay Dry Enough?

36 – High Tunnels Can Exclude Vegetable Pests

37 – Hairy Indigo Control in Peanuts

38 – Winter Burns Benefit Bermudagrass Hay Fields

39 – Crop Oil: Use 1 Gallon per Hundred or 1 Quart per Acre?

40 – Common Bermudagrass Control in Peanuts with Fusilade or Select

41 – Things to Consider When Moving Honey Bee Hives

42 – 2014 UF Peanut Variety Test Results

43 – Are Grafted Vegetables for You?

44 – Highlights and Presentations from the 2015 Beef Conference

45 – Cotton Irrigation Scheduling App Saves Water & Money

46 – Biochar: New Applications of an Old Agricultural Practice

47 – 2014 USDA Honey Production Report

48 – Peanut Disease and Nematode Management Update

49 – Summer Annual Forage Update

50 – Carinata Meal: A Potential Feed Supplement

These articles were ranked based on the number of times readers opened the link to each page in 2015.  The editors and authors would love to hear your feedback on the articles that were most helpful to you.  Use the comment box below to share what articles, or types of articles you got the most benefit from this year.


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