The UF / IFAS Entomology and Nematology department has just published this excellent article on Crapemyrtle bark scale.

Featured Creature: Crapemyrtle Bark Scale 

This pest has made a home in numerous counties scattered throughout the southeastern U.S. and has a moderate to high probability of becoming a problem in Florida. Follow the link above to learn more about this probable pest.

Life cycle of the crapemyrtle bark scale. Nymphs that hatch from the eggs (a) are highly mobile and are called “crawlers” (b). Some nymphs form a white sac and develop into prepupa (c) and then to pupa further inside, before becoming an alate male (e). The females (d-f) do not enter the pre-pupal stage, and start producing eggs following mating with the male. Life cycle by April Martin and Xavier Martini, University of Florida.