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Residential Horticulture Educate the residents of Walton County who are unfamiliar with growing certain landscape and vegetable plants that grow in north Florida. Provide homeowners with information about why a good looking healthy lawn is important. Teaching proper fertilization and irrigation practices for successful backyard gardening and container gardening. Master Gardener Coordinator Develop in-school programs with use of Master Gardeners to reach school kids and youth. Also provide educational programs for developing community gardens and provide educational material at local festivals.

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Vegetable Garden Insect and Disease Management

During this growing season, monitor your plants to keep them healthy. Healthy plants will be able to survive pest attacks better. Nematodes are microscopic worms that attack vegetable roots and reduce growth and yield. Nematode populations can be reduced temporarily by soil solarization. It is a technique which uses the sun’s heat to kill the …

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Insect Problems in the Heat of Summer

Scale insects are one of the most serious problems homeowners face on ornamentals this time of year.  The most common are armored scale, soft scale, and mealybugs.   They cause damage by sucking plant fluids from the leaves, stems, and sometimes roots.  Some species feed on the underside of the leaves which can appear as yellowing …

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Gardening in a Bucket

Growing wholesome, healthy vegetables in a container are a way of life these days. Here are some easy and less expensive tips for creating that bucket garden. In a large container or on a plastic mat on the ground, mix garden soil and compost in a 2:1 ratio. Two scoops of soil and one of …

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Key Factors to Successful Vegetable Gardening

Site selection of your vegetable garden is a very important part of vegetable gardening because if the appropriate site is not selected than success may be limited. First, the gardener should place the garden in a convenient location near the house so it will be easier to maintain. The garden area also needs to be located …

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Soil Testing Can Save You Money

Many home gardeners ask, why take soil samples? Soil sampling must be done prior to the planting of crops to determine the correct amount of nutrients and lime to add to the soil. It is best to take soil samples late in the fall or early winter of each year because certain additives, such as …

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What To Do Before and After a Hard Freeze

Florida homeowners enjoy a wide range of landscape and citrus plants and often times desire a tropical or semitropical appearance to their landscapes. Many landscape plants are often planted past their northern limit such as here in Northwest Florida, although microclimates differ dramatically. Tropical and subtropical plants can be used in the landscape, but they …

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Enjoy Your Poinsettias after the Holidays

The poinsettia is a beautiful plant associated with the Christmas holidays. These plants create colorful holiday decorations for any home. After the holidays are over, they can be used as landscape plants. Poinsettias are non-poisonous and non-toxic. However, some people may be sensitive to the latex in poinsettia sap. Although eating even a large number …

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Protect Tender Vegetables From Coming Freezing Temperatures

Northwest Florida homeowners enjoy growing their own vegetables every fall, but are faced with cold weather issues, especially during the first few days of December. For example, most cole crops can be planted until November, but they must be protected from the cold weather or they will need to be replaced. A good variety of cold tolerant …

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Understanding the Greens and Browns of Compost

Compost is partially decomposed organic matter or anything that was once a living plant. It is the product of controlled decomposition of organic materials by microorganisms. Humus is completely decomposed organic matter. Green and brown materials with favorable proportions of carbon and nitrogen (C:N) (25:1) offer the  microorganisms a “complete meal“. This helps the breakdown …

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Invasive or Just Great Fall Color

Chinese tallow tree (Sapium sebiferum (L.) a  deciduous and very aggressive tree. Many people appreciate the fact that it grows fast, provides great shade, and has a beautiful reddish fall color. Despite it’s attributes, it is highly invasive and considered a noxious weed. It has spread to every coastal state from North Carolina to Texas, and inland to …

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