Daily Archive: February 26, 2018

Tree Privet (Ligustrum lucidum)

Keep your eyes open for this Category 1 FLEPPC invader. When the Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council deems a plant a Category 1, it means that the plant is capable of altering native ecosystems by displacing native species. Other common names for this Ligustrum include glossy privet and wax-leaf ligustrum, which are fitting descriptions of …

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There is a Need to Report Invasive Species

The topic of invasive species has been with Floridians for decades. Stories of large pythons, exotic lizards, and crazy ants have been coming out of south Florida for years. Brazilian Pepper, Australian Pine, and Melaleuca are just three species of trees that have invaded the Everglades and other south Florida ecosystems. Though we are having …

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