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Name: Shep Eubanks
Date registered: October 13, 2011


Shep Eubanks is the County Extension Director and Agriculture Agent in Gadsden County.

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  1. Mast Producing Crops for Wildlife — September 12, 2018
  2. Wildlife Food Plots for North Florida — September 22, 2017
  3. Southern Copperhead in Florida — July 22, 2016

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Mast Producing Crops for Wildlife

It’s that time of year when landowners, hunters, and other wildlife enthusiasts begin to plan and prepare fall and winter food plots to attract wildlife like the nice buck in the photo. Annual food plots are expensive and labor intensive to plant every year and with that thought in mind, an option you may want …

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Wildlife Food Plots for North Florida

About this time each year the minds of sportsman and wildlife aficionados turn towards the planting of wildlife food plots for use by wildlife  in fall, winter , and early spring.  There are many factors to consider when planting a fall food plot if you want to be successful in the endeavor.  Food plots can …

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Southern Copperhead in Florida

  There are approximately 44 species of snakes found in Florida.  The Southern Copperhead is one of the six venomous snakes that one might encounter while outdoors in the panhandle of Florida.    A uniquely beautiful and secretive snake, they historically have only been found in the panhandle counties of Gadsden, Liberty, and Jackson along the …

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