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Name: Mark Mauldin
Date registered: June 21, 2013


I am the Agriculture and Natural Resources agent in Washington County. My program areas include livestock and forage, row crops, and pond management.

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  1. Now is the Time to Start Preparing for Cool-Season Food Plots — September 2, 2018
  2. NISAW 2018: Chemical Control for Invasive Plants — March 1, 2018
  3. Steps for Dealing with Nuisance Wildlife — August 18, 2017
  4. Don’t Rush Wildlife Plot Planting – Wait for the Rain — November 7, 2016
  5. Scallop Season Postponed – Fishing Fun Available Now — July 1, 2016

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Now is the Time to Start Preparing for Cool-Season Food Plots

I know it feels too hot outside to talk about hunting season or cool-season food plots, but planting time will be here before you know it and now’s the time to start preparing. The recommended planting date for practically all cool-season forage crops in Northwest Florida is October 1 – November 15. Assuming adequate soil …

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NISAW 2018: Chemical Control for Invasive Plants

Chemical (Herbicide) treatments, while not the only option, are often required for effective control of woody invasive species. When treating woody invasive species there are three common, relatively simple techniques for applying herbicide; Foliar, Basal, and Cut Stump. Foliar Applications – spray solution is applied directly to leaves. For these applications to be effective leaves …

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Steps for Dealing with Nuisance Wildlife

As a County Agent, I receive a wide variety of calls from clients relating to wildlife. The majority of these calls are quite positive; clients need help improving wildlife habitat or simply need a creature identified to satisfy their curiosity. However, from time to time, situations develop where wildlife behavior becomes a nuisance to a …

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Don’t Rush Wildlife Plot Planting – Wait for the Rain

It should be too late in the year for an article about cool season food plots; they should already be up and growing, at the very least planted. It’s November, archery season has begun, the fall food plot ship should have already sailed. However, due to the incredibly dry weather we’ve had for the past …

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Scallop Season Postponed – Fishing Fun Available Now

If you had plans to go scalloping in St. Joseph Bay over the long holiday weekend I’m afraid you are going to be disappointed. FWC has postponed the opening day of scallop harvesting season in St. Joseph Bay until August 22. The postponement, along with other conservation efforts, is intended to provide the scallop population …

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Pond Management Workshops May 31 and June 7

Ponds can be a source of great enjoyment. However, properly managing them to meet your desired goals can be challenging. Panhandle Pond Management, a two part series being offered by UF/IFAS Extension, is designed to help pond owners/managers become more successful in reaching their goals. Specialists from campus will be onsite to share their expertise. …

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Wildlife Food Plots – Considerations for Success and Workshop on 10/8

Improving habitat can benefit the quantity and quality of wildlife on a piece of property. One common method for improving habitat is the establishment of food plots. Food plots are simply areas that are managed for the production of forages that help meet the nutritional requirements of the desired wildlife species. The implementation of food …

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Now’s the Time to Start Preparing for Hunting Season

The temperature might still be in the 90s but the kids are back in school and football season is starting soon; that means fall is coming and with it, the beginning of hunting season. Here in northwest Florida archery season for deer and turkey begins October 24. While it might still be a little early …

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Identify Cogongrass Now – Look for the Seedheads

We are well into spring and a wide variety of plants are showing off their colorful blooms. As lovely as most of the blooms are, some springtime colors are an unwelcome sight. Such is the case with the showy, white seedhead that is produced by Cogongrass (Imperata cylindrica). The presence of Cogongrass – a highly …

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Springtime is “Just Right” for Using Aquatic Herbicides

Similar to Goldilocks’ porridge, water temperature doesn’t need to be too hot or too cold, it needs to be just right for using aquatic herbicides (70o – 80o F). Here in Florida, these optimum water temperatures occur in the spring. Water temperature largely regulates the growth of most aquatic weeds; cool temperatures slow or stop growth …

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