Whispering Pines Tree Farm with proprietor Mike Kelly and 2 children

Whispering Pines Farm in Milton with proprietor Mike Kelly and children. Photo by Mary Derrick, UF IFAS.

One of the joys of this season is to bring home a fresh Christmas tree and enjoy the fragrance and natural freshness of a live tree inside your own home. Imagine how much fresher the tree would be if you harvested it!

The good news is there are Christmas tree farms in Northwest Florida where customers can choose and harvest their own Christmas tree! Visit the Florida Christmas Tree Association online to find the closest local Christmas tree farm. The website also offers information on tree varieties and how to care for harvested trees.


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The varieties of trees grown in the panhandle are different from the northern trees brought south for the season. Christmas tree farms in the panhandle offer varieties such as Virginia pine, Leyland cypress, red cedar, Arizona cypress, Carolina sapphire, and Thuja “Green Giant’.  Since these varieties do not grow naturally into the conical shape like northern-grown Christmas trees, the farmers take great care to train their trees into the traditional Christmas tree shape. Pruning and shaping the trees begins when they are about 2 years old and continues twice a year for as long as they are growing. The result is a tree that looks naturally shaped and ready for the tree stand.

Real Christmas trees are environmentally friendly as they are a renewable resource. Once trees are cut down, new ones are planted in their place. The trees are also reusable as mulch when chipped on-site or through county yard waste disposal services.


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