PlayCleanGo Day 5: ATVs and Trailers

ATVs and Trailers: Don’t Let Invasive Species Catch a Free Ride!

In the final installment of our PlayCleanGo program, Rick O’Connor and Carrie Stevenson will look at how you can avoid spreading invasive species when you use a vehicle outside. Utilizing a hose and brush, you can clean your vehicles and remove any harmful invasive plants that may have hitched a ride.


PlayCleanGo Day 4: Camping and Firewood

Tents and Firewood: Don’t Let Invasive Species Camp with You!

In the 4th installment of our PlayCleanGo program, Rick O’Connor and Carrie Stevenson will show you how to avoid the introduction of invasive species when you go camping or use a firepit. In this video, we explain how you should source your firewood and how to clean your camping equipment.


PlayCleanGo Day 3: Watercraft

Watercraft and Fishing: Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers: Keep your Kayak and Other Paddle Craft Clean! 

In the 3rd installment of our PlayCleanGo program, Scott Jackson will show you how to keep paddle craft clean of invasive species that may be present in the water. Inspecting, rinsing, cleaning, and drying your equipment are important steps to reduce the transmission of invasive species which can wreak havoc on our wildlife and native plants. 

PlayCleanGo Day 2: Horseback Riding

Hair, Hay, and Hooves: The Places Where Invasive Plants May be Lurking

In the 2nd installment of our PlayCleanGo program, Jennifer Bearden showcases how horse owners can ensure that their equestrian activities don’t introduce invasive plants. Within the video, Jennifer identifies cleaning / inspection techniques for horses, trucks, and feed along with other ways to be proactive in preserving our environment such as using the Ivegot1 app 


PlayCleanGo Day 1: Hiking

Hiking: Watch Your Step and Clean Your Soles

The first of 5, this video created by Rick O’Connor and Carrie Stevenson discusses how residents can enjoy the outdoors and wildlife trails while still making sure to preserve the environment. Brushing and cleaning your shoes, bags, and clothing helps remove the seeds of invasive plants. By taking a few simple steps, you can help support our beautiful native plants and wildlife so that yourself and others can continue to enjoy it.