Panhandle Outdoors Live Online

The Panhandle Outdoors Live in-person events that we have enjoyed for the past several years are not possible right now. Given the limitations of the current situation, the Panhandle Outdoors team has moved their efforts to an online format – Panhandle Outdoors Live Online.

The team will be presenting a new topic the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month through December. Each live, interactive video conference event will take place from 12-12:30pm Central / 1-1:30pm Eastern.

Please use the links below to register for each session you would like to attend. After you complete the registration you will be emailed a link that you can use to access the session.

We have provided a links to webinar recordings as well as webinar evaluations. Please fill out the evaluation. We would greatly appreciate your feedback to improve future programming efforts.

Spring 2021 Live Series

March 3, 2021:   Tropicalization: New Species in the Panhandle

Presenter: Rick O’Connor 

March 17, 2021:   Warm Season Food Plots

Presenter: Jennifer Bearden 

March 31, 2021:   Florida Springs, Water Quality and Algal Blooms

Presenter: Andrea Albertin

April 7, 2021:   Scallop Sitter Volunteer Program

Presenter: Ray Bodrey

April 21, 2021:   Value of Wetlands

Presenter: Carrie Stevenson

May 5, 2021:   Microplastics  (Event to be rescheduled).

Presenter: Laura Tiu

May 19, 2021:   Butterflies and Their Native Host Plants

Presenter: Sheila Dunning

June 2, 2021:   Controlling Native Vines

Presenter: Pat Williams

June 16, 2021:   Small Ponds – Big Weeds

Presenter: Mark Mauldin

July 7, 2021:  Ephemeral Wetlands: Vital Habitat for Many Amphibians

Presenter: Erik Lovestrand


Fall 2020 Live Series

August 19:   Invasive Species – Those Nursery Plant Hitchhikers!

Webinar recording
Webinar evaluation

Presenters: Sheila Dunning and Rick O’Connor 

September 2:   Identification and Management of Invasive Cogongrass 

Webinar recording
Webinar evaluation

Presenter: Mark Mauldin 

September 23:   Successful Wildlife Food Plots 

Webinar recording
Webinar evaluation

Presenter: Jennifer Bearden

October 7:   Bats – A Misunderstood Beneficial Mammal 

Webinar recording
Webinar evaluation

Presenter: Carrie Stevenson

October 21:   Seasonal Seafood 

Webinar recording
Webinar evaluation

Presenter: Christina Verlinde 

November 4:   Apalachicola Bay Oysters – A Treasured Natural Resource with an Uncertain Future

Webinar recording
Webinar evaluation

Presenter: Erik Lovestrand 

November 18:   Drinking Water Quality and Wells – Why Should You Have Your Water Tested?

Webinar recording
Webinar evaluation

Presenter: Andrea Albertin 

December 2:   Controlling Invasive Woody Plants 

Presenter: Mark Mauldin 

December 16:   Get a Jump on Managing Your Pond This Spring

Presenters: Laura Tiu and Ray Bodrey