Monthly Archive: January 2013

E-10 FUEL Advice for Boaters

Since the introduction of 10% ethanol to gasoline (E-10 fuel) many boaters, including yours truly, have had problems with fouled fuel filters and marine engines not running at their top performance.  The ethanol added to the fuel combines with oxygen increasing the combustion process.  This makes for a more efficient burning fuel and less emissions …

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Water Management Summit of Northwest Florida to be held at Niceville Community Center January 31

Water is a precious natural resource that often makes headlines. Here in Northwest Florida we have Areas of Special Concern in which it has been determined that availability will not meet the needs as our population grows. Now is the time to make all efforts to conserve this valuable commodity. For those in the landscape …

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Registration Now Open for 2013 NW Florida Artificial Reef Workshop February 19 – 20, 2013 in Niceville, Florida.

An exciting new event is coming to our area. Northwest Florida’s first Artificial Reef Workshop since 2006 will be held February 19 – 20, 2013 at the Niceville Community Center. The community center is centrally located in the Panhandle and located at 204 N Partin Dr, Niceville, FL 32578. Sessions and guest speakers will provide …

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Your Watershed “Address:” What is it, and Why it’s Important

Meandering Apalachicola River connects to Apalachicola Bay and eventually the Gulf of Mexico

No matter our distance from a lake, wetland, river, or coastline, we all live within the boundaries of a watershed.  In fact, all land on earth is part of a watershed and all habitats exist within a watershed boundary.  The size of watersheds can vary from a few square feet to millions of acres.  It …

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Expedition Florida 500 Launches in Pensacola

It is human nature to explore.  We are a curious species, yearning from birth to stimulate our senses of sight, smell, touch…from an infant’s grab at a colorful toy to an astronaut setting foot on the moon, we thrive on new adventures and understanding. A legend of the Age of Exploration, Spanish explorer Ponce de …

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