Monthly Archive: August 2014

California Seeking to Ease Restrictions on Gulf Oyster Rule

A notice has been issued by the California Dept. of Public Health dated June 27 that is seeking public comment on a proposed rule change regarding the allowable level of microbial Vibrio vulnificus in post-harvest processed Gulf oysters. Post-harvest processed oysters are regulated as raw, but have been subjected to a process to reduce levels …

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Cool Season Wildlife Food Plots

It’s time to start planning your cool season wildlife food plots. Cool season food plots do a great job attracting deer and other wildlife to your property as well as providing a little nutrition. The first step is to choose an appropriate location. Remember wildlife like to stay close to cover but plants also need …

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What Is Up with All the Sharks?

Since the beginning of the summer, panhandle residents and visitors have been reporting numerous sharks hanging out along the sandbars near the passes. , cruising between the 2nd sandbar and the beach. One visitor was even bitten; raising the question – WHAT’S UP WITH ALL THE SHARKS? Actually, over the years sharks have been feeding …

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