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  • Monarch Migrations Have Begun
  • A New Kid on the Block: the Cuban (Brown) Anole
  • Natural Resources

    Monarch Migrations Have Begun

    Since we are approaching the peak dates in mid-October, it is time to get your gardens ready for migrating monarchs to fuel up on nectar sources. In their Mexican overwintering sites, these monarchs will have to survive on stored fat all winter. So they need to build up fat reserves by feeding on flowering plants …

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    A New Kid on the Block: the Cuban (Brown) Anole

    In our continuing battle with invasive species, northwest Florida is now home to an invasive lizard. Known as both the Cuban and Brown Anole, this animal has been reported from Big Lagoon, East Hill, North Hill, and Gulf Breeze in the Pensacola area.  I have seen it at almost every rest area on I-10 between …

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