Angelina Sedum 9-1-2009 6-02-26 PMSedum rupestre ‘Angelina’ is an evergreen perennial that adds some pizazz to winter landscapes. This low growing plant performs well in sunny, well-drained spots in the landscape but will also tolerate some shade. In the summer, the foliage is a brilliant chartreuse but after a few cold snaps it takes on a coppery bronze tinge that brightens up winter landscapes.

Angelina sedum is an easy to grow groundcover that contrasts nicely with deep greens, burgundy, or black foliage. It grows well along the ground or in containers where it may drape down the sides. It roots where the stems touch the ground, but is not aggressive and can be easily divided and transplanted into new garden sites or shared with friends.

Small, delicate yellow flowers appear in the late spring or early summer but the plants are mostly grown for foliage texture and color.