We hope that you enjoyed the live Q&A with the University of Florida Extension Agent Evan Anderson and Research Coordinator Chris Oster of the UF Honey bee Research and Extension Lab. Below are the questions with the publication links that were provided during the discussion.

What is the best way to get started with a 0.25 acre, residential yard?
How to keep the bee colony in the winter?

How much room should I have for a couple small hives? How many hives should I start with…3?

How much time is involved in the care of the bees and their hive?

Is there a small hive available for a tiny back yard?

What equipment is needed to get started?

Does placing bee hives a certain minimum distance apart help to reduce honey bee colony mortality?

Does Dr. Leo Sharashkin’s Russian concept of horizontal hives fit the environment of the Florida Panhandle?

What is the best treatment for varroa mites?

Identifying behaviors displayed, in order to split the hive. Best time to add supers?

What are good plants for honey bees?

I live near farm fields that use commercial pesticides, can I still bee keep? What are the concerns and how do I mitigate them?

As a first year beekeeper, does all of the rain we’ve experienced this year create any problems that I should be looking for?

Should we be worried about the Asian Giant Hornets in the Florida Panhandle?

We have identified honey bees, cutter bees and carpenter bees in our garden. Should we provide a bee house?

Any killer bees in the area?