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Scary Things are Happening in Our Landscapes this Halloween

The reality of what happens deep down in the darkness of a fire ant mound hidden to human eyes or in the tunnels of a mole cricket where only creepy crawly things dare to enter may be too scary to believe.  University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences along with USDA introduced a …

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Beneficial Ants

Believe it or not, there is a beneficial ant that is found in many landscapes. If you see an interesting mound shaped like a small volcano, you likely have the pyramid ants. These ants form small nests in sandy soils and the mound will have a small opening in the very center. Pyramid ants are not aggressive …

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Beneficial Bugs

  The most numerous animals on the planet are insects and although less than 1% cause damage to our landscapes, most are viewed as pests.  Many insects perform clean up tasks that keep our environment from being littered with carcasses and trash while others actually attack and feed upon insects that are direct pests to …

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