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Leaf Litter: Do the Benefits Outweigh the Work?

For the homeowner who feels the need to rake leaves and pine needles, the task can be something of a minor nuisance. The showers of earth-toned leftovers appear suddenly and at inconvenient times, and their removal is never added to a chore list without dispute. Disarray aside, these organic remnants provide far more benefits than …

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Stressed Pines Being Attacked By Beetles

Pine bark beetles are frequent pests of stressed pines in the southern United States. The five most common southern pine bark beetle species include three in the genus Ips. Ips beetles usually colonize only those trees that are already stressed, declining, or fallen due to environmental factors. Infestations may occur in response to drought, root …

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Everyone Lives in a Flood Zone!

Since the heavy flooding in late April of this year, many property owners have expressed concern to me and their local government officials about their neighborhood’s vulnerability to flooding.  Homes and landscapes are most people’s largest investment, and the damage caused by a major storm can be financially and emotionally devastating. To say that Florida …

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